When can my child start Pre-School?

  • We accept children from 2 to school starting age, with priority given to children living within Aston-on-Trent and those closest to school starting age.

Does my child need to be Potty Trained to attend Pre-School?

  • No. We ask that you send in a supply of nappies / pull ups / pants and wipes, but wherever your child is in the potty training process or if it hasn't even begun, we are happy to have them in Pre-School.

What days are you open?

  • We meet during school term time on Monday (9:05 - 3:05pm) Tuesday (9:05 - 3:05pm), Wednesday (9:05 - 1:05pm), Thursday (9:05 - 1:05pm) and Friday (9:05 - 3:05pm).  Your child can attend for Morning Sessions, Lunch Club and Afternoon Session or a combination.

What about Lunch Club?

  • Lunch Club runs straight after Pre-School and is optional. It finishes at 1:05pm

  • The first half of Lunch Club is free play with a different activity every day, lunch is eaten at 12:30pm.

  • You need to provide your child with a Packed Lunch and staff sit with the children whilst they eat their lunch.

  • You can use your funding to pay for Lunch Club.

What about Breakfast Club?

  • All Pre-School children can attend Breakfast Club.

  • Breakfast is provided.

  • You must choose your start time (7:30am or 8:00am) and you can use funding to pay for Breakfast Club.

What time of year is best to apply for Pre-School?

  • Applications to join Pre-school can be made at any time for any child under school age. All applications must be made in writing on our application form, which can be downloaded HERE, or is available from Pre-school.

  • We usually have the best choice of places in September when our eldest children have just moved up to school.  The later in the academic year it is, the more likely we are to be full.

What happens after I apply?

  • We will confirm that we have recieved your application by email.

  • If a place is immediately available and your child is over two, we will ring you to see if you wish to start and then invite you to an induction morning / visit Pre-School.

  • If no places are available or your child is not yet two, your child will be added to our waiting list. Please note that a place on the waiting list does not guarantee a place at Pre-school, although we will endeavour to offer places to as many eligible children as possible.

The start date I requested is approaching, will you contact me?

  • We will contact you during the half term before your requested start date and arrange an induction morning, if we have space.  This is a chance to meet the staff and ask questions.  This is also an opportunity for your child to have a play for 1 to 2 hours whilst you stay with them.  We will also talk through our paperwork and how Pre-School is run.

Can I visit Pre-School before I apply?

  • Yes, If you wish to visit Pre-school before applying, please call our mobile 07890 748179 and speak to Jane to find out when best to call in.

Can I claim funding?

  • Currently all children qualify for 15 hours (or 5 morning sessions) from the term following their third birthday.

  • Some 3 and 4 year old are entitled to an extra 15 hours if both parents are working visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk to check.

  • Some children may qualify from the term following their second birthday, if their families are in receipt of certain benefits.

  • All this funding can be claimed with any registered childcare provider, or split between two. Pre-school is always pleased to claim sessions for you, so please ask Michelle for details of how to go about it.

  • We can also claim the Early Years Pupil Premium for children aged 3 and 4, should your child be eligible. Please ask Michelle for details.

What are your fees?

  • Our Fees last went up in September 2017 to £13.20 per 3-hour session and £4.40 for lunch club. A lunch club on the day, increases to £4.80.

  • See Breakfast Club for details of Breakfast Club Fees

How often will I be invoiced?

  • An invoice will be issued at the middle of each month. This will have all the sessions which you have registered for that month. Plus any extras you have attended since the previous invoice.

  • An extra invoice is issued just before the end of an academic year. This has "On the Day" lunch clubs and any extra sessions on it that your child has attended in the last 2 weeks of the year.

  • You can pay by Childcare Voucher, BACS, Cheque or Cash. If you need to pay monthly please talk to Michelle.

Do you still have questions? Email michelle.gascoigne@outlook.com and we will try and help